Я Эльза Саитова, живу в Японии, получила образование в РАНХиГС.
Вся наша жизнь – это один большой проект или сотни, тысячи маленьких: новые вызовы на работе, рождениe ребенка, собственное развитие. Для меня научиться управлять проектом, значило научиться управлять своей жизнью и достигать поставленных целей.

Я была в первом потоке программы, у нас был довольно высокий конкурс во время поступления, поэтому студенты, с которыми я училась были самыми амбициозными и целеустремленными, что сыграло важную роль в групповой и командной работе во время обучения.

Самый большой плюс программы – это предметы, которые максимально практичны и приближены к реальности в бизнесе, по сути я получила опыт работы в международной команде и получила знания международного ведения бизнеса благодаря преподавателям из университетов других стран. Я до сих помню, как после защиты одного из проектов на курсе Project Management Dr. Sarah Ross сказала: «Такие проекты меняют жизнь, благодаря своим идеям и действиям, вы можете оставить след в этом мире». Этот опыт общения с высоклассными профессорами и студентами заложил основы этики и мои основные принципы ведения бизнеса, управления проектами и людьми. На данный момент я работаю в Японии, в автомобильной индустрии, до этого работала в Европе, управляла заводом.

Я перемещаюсь по миру с легкостью, благодаря знаниям и навыкам, полученным в международной англоязычной магистратуре «Управление международными проектами». Я чувствую себя комфортно в международной среде, управляя людьми из разных стран и достигая свои бизнес и личные цели.

Elza Saitova (Batch 2010-12)
Country: Russia
Nippon Retarder System Co. Ltd. Representative Board of Directors

Down the memory lane…..I remember 
Hello! I am Evgeniya Strizakova. I finished my Master’s programme in Project management in the year 2017.  I was selected as one of the best students of RANEPA. I graduated with a distinction. I would like to share some good news with you all about my life and me. I am a key account manager in a multinational company Hasbro, happily married with a beautiful small daughter who is five months old.

RANEPA was just as a second home and our Project Management program had the essence of international traditions and culture, which were transmitted to the students, kept us engaged and unified. I remember the joint classes, New Year celebrations etc. The content of the courses always had team presentation, which was great. I still remember our Consultancy project. We would discuss a range of topics, and I found myself often having to re-evaluate a previously held opinion or stance.   This module was very helpful for me while getting my first job at MARS. 
I am grateful to all my teachers for the ways they pushed me, encouraged me, and never appeased me with a quick answer. I am grateful for their honesty, direct communication, and friendly spirit. 

We all valued a bonded campus community that preserve connections with individuals beyond their time as students of the university. I have some memories of humour and sometimes fear in the classroom to get something wrong.
Dr. Mittra and Dr. Ross were always sympathetic towards the students and were able to diagnose the reasons for difficulties they had in the classroom. They were very strict too.

I often miss my golden days at the university, that exciting community, free student discounts, library access and cultural events that made our university unique and dynamic.  Our program Project Management taught me to be analytical, critical and structured. I can face the challenges of the new world.

Mitali and Margarita, lots of love to you from your bouncy naughty Zenya, Ivan (alumni of the program and my husband) and my little Leya.
Miss you all…

Evgeniya Strizakova (Batch 2015-17)
Country: Russia

I have always thought about my future, about building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in the life. For that reason, I laid out a plan for achieving this long-term aim. After graduating as an Industrial engineer from Ecole Nationale Polytechnique of Algiers, I had a plan to enter one of the best universities for my master degree. My participation in PGLS (Preparing Global Leaders summit) Moscow 2014 guided me to discover one of the best universities in Russia, RANEPA.

With the objective of improving my skills and ambitions to become an expert in international business, I decided to continue my post-graduate studies in a globally recognized program, and I chose the MSc in Project Management at RANEPA. In all honesty, the design and structure of this program has met my interest, it has given me a chance to learn more about Time, Cost, and Quality management. I have also been able to acquire knowledge in several very vital areas of management, such as Project Management, International marketing, Operations management, and Change management. In addition to all these fields in Management, we have also covered other subjects that provide the necessary tools to support our core management skills in making the best decisions.

We have covered other areas like “Financial management” for multinational Companies, Data Management and statistical analysis, etc. The professors and instructors employed by RANEPA, both Russians and internationals are top notch and truly experienced individuals who know their subjects extensively well and have passionately studied their fields. Furthermore, this program offers you the opportunity to study Russian language for free; 6 hours per week are offered in order to improve our Russian language abilities. After finishing my studies at RANEPA in 2017, I decided to go for a PhD in Canada, the quality of the program (MSc in Project Management) and its international aspect have helped me in my application for the PhD position in operations and decision systems at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. Moscow is a truly amazing and unique city. Like any other huge city, there is no shortage of museums, restaurants, clubs, concerts and events to attend, but in Moscow, things are just different. The history and vitality of the city really comes through and can make just walking down the street a fascinating and fun experience. Really, everything about the city is amazing except the winter, which might be a bit tough.

Imadeddine AZIEZ (Batch 2015-17)
Country: Algeria

I am Arun Sharma and finished my Master’s programme in Project Management in the year 2019. Moscow and RANEPA provided me international exposure, which changed my life. It prepares a student for a professional workspace that is ready to take charge and make wise business decision.  Our programme offered high quality teachers, coming from all over the world with updated case studies to better prepare students for the future challenges. It not only helped me develop my hard skills but also my soft skills. I have come out to be a better project manager and a better professional, all thanks to our programme and RANEPA.

Arun Sharma (Batch 2017-19)
Country: India
My name is Emilija Gligurvoska, from Macedonia. I have graduated with honors and earned the red diploma on the international Master’s studies in Project Management at The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Moscow. 

Being part of this program meant focusing on learning by doing approach. Acquiring knowledge through the rich content of the courses and the strong emphasis on real business cases, combined with leading and participating in a variety of different projects, in truly international teams, is an invaluable benefit from the program.
Having as a professors, successful professionals in their sphere of teaching, from all over the world (from New Zealand to UK, USA, Middle East.) to guide our group and share their knowledge, was a real pleasure. Following the courses in small group, allowed us to have informal relationship with all the professors and made the classes interactive with encouraging in class participation.  

The program gave me the opportunity to be certified in PRINCE2 – one of the globally accepted methodologies for Project management. Preparing for this certification exam was a challenge that we took as a master students in the Project Management program in RANEPA. The whole process of applying, training and examination was facilitated by our Professor Dr. Sarah Ross, which is certified trainer for PRINCE2 methodology, and by our Program Director Dr. Mitali Mittra. Thanks to their unselfish support and confidence, we successfully achieved this milestone. 

As said in the PRINCE2 methodology, the output from the whole process, made me qualified for taking project endeavors and opened up a number of opportunities worldwide to build successful career as Project Manager. Now working as a Project manager in an international company in the market research field and global data collection is one of the most direct tangible results from my studies. 

Having the proper academic knowledge made me adapt faster and develop my skills further in practice. I believe I have managed to successfully transfer the experience of all the projects that I have done in the program, including the work on my master thesis, in a fruitful way. 

Living and studying in Moscow is one of a lifetime experience that I recommend to every adventurist person out there. The two-year studies gave me time to experience Moscow in all the seasons, and it was worth it! And of course it wouldn’t be as great, without all the people that I have met and the friendships made for a lifetime, as part of the most enjoyable benefits from the program and the life in Russia. 
Great program, life-changing experience!

Emilija Gligurvoska (Batch 2017-19)
Country: Macedonia

Hi,I am Ekaterina Lugovskaya and I have graduated with honors from Project Management program. My decision to attend the project management master's program at RANEPA in 2018-2020 came in very useful and contributed a lot to the development of my future career path. Currently I am a public relations specialist in Hyundai Motor CIS Company - one of the leading automotive brands both in Russia and abroad. I had to study and work hard in order to achieve what I have now. 

Project management is one of the most popular and promising business areas nowadays. It helps to achieve great results and successfully implement various projects of any kind, scale and complexity - especially in a challenging environment we live in now. The project management educational program at RANEPA became a priceless guide into the world of delivering projects and a real boot camp focused on mastering main principles and useful techniques of project management. We also deepened our expertise in several other allied disciplines, such as crisis, change, operational and financial management as well as marketing, consulting, data analysis and what not. At the end of the program, we earned the PRINCE2 Foundation International Certificate in Project Management, which proved the high level of skills, and knowledge we managed to gain during the study.

I would also like to mention an ideal balance of theory and practice kept at RANEPA. Insightful lectures from both Russian and foreign external professors and business gurus were mixed with engaging practical tasks: case studies, hands-on projects and interesting teamwork tasks. My peers and mentors were absolutely great and we still keep in touch with most of them. I would definitely recommend the project management master's program for those who are striving for bright future and remarkable career!

Ekaterina Lugovskaya (Saburova)-(Batch 2018-20)
Country: Russia

Greetings from a land of coffee producing country! I am Marina Perez and an alumnus of the project management program. I graduated with a distinction and it is a proud moment for me. Being in project management means the field of management dealing with the leadership, organization, and planning, securing and controlling resources to achieve specific goals within a time- or funding-constrained project period.  It is very important to be highly qualified in the Project Management field in order to succeed in the current globalized and extremely competitive business environment. 

The RANEPA´S MSc. in Project Management is a program designed in a brilliant and innovative way, which guarantees the acquisition and development of highly competitive administrative and analytical skills. The structure of the program allows complete immersion in the topics taught that are developed both theoretically and in a practical way through the analysis of real case studies provided by private companies exclusively for the university, and through the development of pilot projects that later have the potential to be carried out.

Of course, a well-structured program cannot be successful without high-level professors and experts. This Project Management program is taught by professionals with academic as well as business experience. The RANEPA´S MSc in Project Management gave me the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with the current competitive working environment, and made me competent to develop my professional career as a project manager in a global way. Thank you all!

Marina Perez Marroquin-(Batch 2018-20)
Country: Guatemala