School of Design

Director of School of Design Sofiya Trotsenko,
founder of the WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art and President of the WINZAVOD Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art, social activist and arts producer.

About the School of Design

School of Design was established in 2011. Its program is aimed at training of artists who alongside their creative work will also learn how to effectively manage the development of their projects.

The School’s academic staff comprises highly skilled and globally renowned artists, designers, illustrators and art critics.

An important advantage of studying at the School is that during the four-year training course students are taught English and have an option of learning a second foreign language.

The School’s teaching methods combine best traditions of classical Russian education with up-to date innovative approaches. Throughout the entire training period, practical workshops, extra-school lessons in museums, art galleries, branding and advertising agencies are carried out. Apart from that, as early as in their first year of studies, students begin to create their own projects and to present their works at exhibitions and art competition which helps them acquire professional experience and collect a portfolio.

The School’s alumni are proficient in the art of calligraphy, they know how to create visual identity, design exhibitions and arrange public spaces, and make presentations of any level of complexity. They are competent in building client engagement, know how to work individually and in creative teams.

Besides bachelor-degree courses, there are several Master programs and supplementary education courses that provide an opportunity to upgrade one's skills and to study in depth specific aspects of the chosen profession.

Structure of the School

  • Design Department
  • Glazychev Department of Territorial Development Studies

Educational programs

Bachelor degree courses
  • Design 
  • Management of Municipal and Territorial Development (program stars in 2018) 
Master degree courses
  • Management in Art Business
  • Management of Design Projects
Supplementary vocational education
  • Brand-building Course for Designers
  • Management in Fashion Business (program starts in 2018)


  • GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art
  • WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Art
Telephone: +7 (495) 695 12 03