School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities

Director of School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities Nikolai Grintser. Doctor of Philology, Professor, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of Laboratory for Classical Studies. Member of editorial boards of Voprosy literatury (Russian Studies in Literature) journal and Vestnik Drevnej Istorii (Journal of Ancient History).

About the School

Established in 2013, the School of Advanced Studies in the Humanities is one of the largest divisions of the SPP (School of Public Policy). The school brings together leading academics in various fields of humanities and offers groundbreaking research and educational opportunities for younger scholars and students in the fields of history, philology, cultural and folklore studies, oriental studies. Scholars working at the School develop and maintain educational programs that are marked by combination of a firm theoretical basis with a wide range of practical issues.

Activity areas

Research activities of the School:

  • Regular scholar publications in renowned Russian and international humanity journals, as well as publication of individual and collective scholarly monographs. From 2014 to 2016, the School published more than 30 monographs drawing a very favorable response from the academic community. Apart from that, the School is editing a quarterly scholarly journal “Shagi/Steps” (6 issues already published).
  • Unique scientific projects in comparative, oriental and classical studies, history of culture, etc., and regular public research workshops on these subjects.
  • Active involvement in public activities: lectures, interviews and dissemination of knowledge about the development of humanities and education in RANEPA through mass media (VGTR, TV channel Culture, Radio of Russia, Radio Liberty, Lenta,ru, Polit,ru, etc.).


The School offers courses on all levels of higher education: bachelor degree courses (educational programs “History” and “Philology and Translation” (Liberal Arts majors)), Master degree courses (educational programs “Social and Economic History of Russia and the World”, “Historico-analytical Support of State and Municipal Management”) and PhD programs (in History and Cultural Studies)).

Structure of the School:

  • Department of Cultural Studies and Social Communications
  • Department of Russian Statehood History
  • Department of General History
  • Department of Economic History
  • Research Laboratory for Historical and Cultural Studies
  • Research Laboratory for Classical Studies
  • Research Laboratory for Oriental and Comparative Literature Studies
  • Research Laboratory for Theoretical Folklore Studies
  • Research Laboratory for Economic and Social History
  • Research Laboratory for Historical Literary Studies
  • Research Laboratory for Comprehensive Historical Studies of Municipal and State Management
  • Editorial Board of the "ШАГИ/Steps" journal

Educational programs


  • History (a major course of the Liberal Arts)
  • Philology and Translation (a major course of the Liberal Arts)


Master degree courses

  • Historico-analytical Support of State and Municipal Management
  • Social and Economic History of Russia and the World

PhD /first post-graduate scientific degree

  • General History
  • Russian History
  • History of Culture


Telephone: +7 (499) 956 96 47