Liberal Arts Faculty

Dean of Liberal Arts Faculty – Alexander Mishin, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Head of Department of Academic Quality of Liberal Arts Faculty at RANEPA SPP. 

About the Faculty
In 2012, an academic division of Liberal Arts was established at RANEPA, and in 2014 it was awarded the status of a Faculty. The initiator of its program was the Academy’s Rector Vladimir Mau. In his interviews and articles not once did he mention the importance of merging of traditional specialist training in such areas as public policy, management, public relations and economy with comprehensive cross-disciplinary training.
The Academic Advisor at the Liberal Arts Faculty is Andrei Zorin, one of the leading historians of culture and an expert in higher education in Russia. He also has an extensive experience in teaching in the USA and is currently Professor at Oxford University.
Since the Academy was granted the right to develop its own educational standards, the design team worked out a program that gives students an opportunity to enjoy many of the advantages of the Liberal Arts Education and study for traditional awards - Russian State Higher Education Diplomas. 
Currently, the RANEPA Liberal Arts Faculty and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the St. Petersburg State University are the only two educational institutions in Russia that offer such programs.

Liberal Arts program essentially differs from the usual university programs in that it makes it possible to combine two fields of study – one as a major and the other as a minor specialization area. Unlike in other institutions, students choose their specializations not at the time of admission,  but only after they have studied the block of general subjects, which usually takes a year.
Given the opportunity of choosing their learning paths, students are able to tailor training to their needs and interests and thus develop unique sets of skills.

Distinctive features of the Liberal Arts program:
  • Stage-by-stage approach: learning the block of general compulsory subjects; choosing the main specialization after the 2nd semester; choosing additional specialization area after the 5th semester.
  • Tutoring and support of the learning process. Tutors help students to adapt themselves to social norms and values of academic life and to work out their individual education plans. They also give advice on study-related problems and on planning students’ training and professional life.
  • Teaching the subjects not taught at other Russian universities. For example, in a four-year course “Great Books” students read and discuss with their professors the most significant world culture literary works; in the course “Writing and Critical Thinking” they gain knowledge in Applied Philosophy and Academic Writing.
  • International academic mobility, the possibility for students to study and undertake internships at other educational institutions or programs (both in Russia and abroad) with the subsequent credit transfer. Currently, the Faculty’s students visit, on a regular basis, UK, Israel, China, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil and a few other countries.
  • Studying two foreign languages. From their first year, all students fully study two foreign languages – English and the language of their choice – both to the level that would allow using them in a variety of contexts, including professional environment.

Educational programs

  • Advertising and public relations
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Journalism
  • Philology and translation
  • International Regional Studies
  • History
  • Public policy
  • Management 

  • Oriental studies
  • Economy
  • Political studies
  • Conflict resolution studies
  • Sociology
  • Urban architecture
  • Translation: from practice to theory
  • New studies of contemporary culture
  • Project management
  • Legal regulation of entrepreneurship and corporate governance
  • Business psychology
  • Digital Humanities
  • Youth outreach management 
  • Advertising and public relations


George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia, USA)
University of Manchester (Manchester, UK) 
University of British Columbia SALA (Vancouver, Canada)  
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Wuhan, China)  
Manchester Metropolitan University, Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies (Manchester, UK)
Bath Spa University (Bath, UK)
Parma University (Parma, Italy)
Communication University of China (Beijing, China)
Universidad Finis Terrae (Chile)
Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (Riga, Latvia)
National University of Public Service (Budapest, Hungary)
University of Rijeka (Rijeka, Croatia)
Ariel University (Ariel, Israel)
Shenyang Normal University (Shenyang, China)


Telephone: +7 (499) 956 95 59