Faculty of Psychology

Director of Faculty of Psychology - Vladimir Spiridonov, Doctor of Psychology, Professor

About the Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology at the School of Public Policy offers vocational training for psychologists. Psychology is a multidivisional area of knowledge involving research and practical aspects. Students gain knowledge on main problems of psychology and on methods of psychological research. They obtain professional competence allowing them to plan and carry out psychological experiments, create and use tests and questionnaires, process data and present results to colleagues and clients. Besides that, students obtain knowledge and skills in a variety of practical psychology-related fields: counseling, psychotherapeutics, abilities’ development, usability, HR, business psychology and career development, etc.
Alongside bachelor degree courses, there are master and postgraduate programs on several psychology-related specialties.
Among the problems being studied at the Faculty are personality development, cognitive psychology, leadership, methods of psychotherapy, traits of human development, problem solving processes (from simple puzzles to poor-structured managerial problems), theory of the mind in early childhood, bilingualism and human thinking, experts knowledge (high-level achievements in solving particular problems, such as intellectual, managerial, communicative ones, etc.) and so on.

Structure of Faculty:

Department of General Psychology
Department of Acmeology and Psychology of Professional Activities

Laboratory for Cognitive Studies

Educational programs

Bachelor degree courses
  • Psychology (a major of the multidisciplinary bachelor-degree course Liberal Arts)
  • Counseling and coaching (British bachelor degree course, in collaboration with MSSES)
  • Specialist Degree Courses
  • Psychology of entrepreneurs’ activity

Master degree course
  • Behavioral economics: economics and psychology in decision making
  • Clinical psychology
  • Psychology of management

 Postgraduate training program
  • General psychology and cognitive sciences

E-mail: cognilab@yandex.ru 
Telephone: +7 (499) 956 96 45