An 8-week program providing a unique opportunity to strengthen Russian language skills and gain a deeper understanding of contemporary RussiaRUSSIAN INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SCHOOL (RISS)

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Russian International Summer School (RISS)

The dates for the 2017 RISS program are:
June 17 – August 9

The deadline to apply is:
April 15

The Russian International Summer School in is a one-of-a-kind summer program which gives international students a unique opportunity to improve their language skills and gain a deeper understanding of contemporary Russia.

Recent developments in global affairs have reaffirmed the importance of Russia and the need for creating a new generation of scholars and analysts who understand this complex country.  By learning Russian and taking advantage of the opportunity to explore Moscow, meet Russians, work as interns in various companies and organizations the students can gain deeper insight into Russian culture, history, politics, and economics. RISS students will emerge with valuable credentials for future careers  in international business, academia, think-tanks, and international organizations.

The dates for the 2017 RISS program are June 17 – August 9. Students are recommended to arrive 2 days prior to the program starting date, to be met at the airport in Moscow and taken to the Residence Hall on campus, where they will stay for the duration of the program.

At the end of the program students will receive a certificate confirming their completion of a 128-hour Russian-language course.

Students will also be required to take an online placement test, prior to arriving to the program.

128-hour Russian Language Course is available on 3 levels:
Elementary designed for students without any knowledge of Russian.
Intermediate designed for students who have completed one or two years of Russian in college and are looking to develop proficiency in conversation. Intermediate students may be divided into sub-groups, depending on their placement test results.
Advanced designed for students focused on business/professional Russian and aims to refine their language and achieve fluency.

Lecture series (in English) on contemporary Russian history, economy, and foreign policy are read by Russia’s leading experts and active government officials.

Students who finish RISS with distinction will be offered a grant to enroll in one of RANEPA’s international master's programs.

Those interested in academic internships (available only to students with intermediate or advanced Russian), will be able to request placement in Moscow. Below is a list of companies/organizations where RISS students have undergone internships in the past.
    • Central Children's Hospital
    • Center for Creative Industries (CCI) 
    • Element (newspaper)
    • European Sports Clinic
    • Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy
    • Garage Art Gallery
    • Groupon
    • Hilti
    • Institute of Economy in Transition (think-tank)
    • Kaspersky Lab
    • Kidsave International
    • Maria’s Children (charity)
    • Moscow State University Choir
    • Moscow Rowing Club 
    • Gulag Museum
    • PIR-Center for Political Studies (think-tank)
    • PwC
    • Rugby Student Team 
    • Russia Today (TV channel)
    • Slavic Center for Law and Justice (law firm)
    • SOVA Center for Information and Analysis
    • The Cultural Fund "Yekaterina"
    • The Institute for European Studies (think-tank)
    • The Moscow Times (newspaper)
    • WCIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Center)


“The program greatly improved my language proficiency and allowed me to experience Russian culture firsthand.”
Kathryn Zehr, McGill University, Canada

“This program allows students to study the Russian language, while simultaneously gaining relevant work experience in an organization that matches their interests.”
Rob Lothman, Harvard University, USA

“This trip has truly opened my eyes to the Russian culture and language, prompting me to use Russian as much as my quickly expanding knowledge of vocabulary will allow, be it with my Russian friends, the people at my internship at the Pushkin Gallery or with people on the street who ask me for directions.”
Cat Tyack, Bristol University, UK

"I was a RISS student in 2014 and it was one of the most memorable summers of my life. Not only did I seriously improve on my Russian, but through the Presidential Academy was able to participate in a very exclusive international event – the Preparing Global Leaders Summit in Moscow".
Andy Collins, USA

RISS 2014 was a blast. I enjoyed living on campus, which is situated within a 5-minute walking distance of the Metro. Aside from studying Russian, the Presidential Academy set me up with an internship at PwC. Working in a real Russian corporate environment was a one-of-a-kind experience that allowed me to apply all the Russian I’ve learned.
Jeff Rooney, Canada

Thanks to RISS I discovered Russia. The country always interested me as a student and at some point I decided to find a program that would give me the opportunity to spend a summer in Russia in the most productive way possible. RISS was that program. Aside from studying the language I was taken on numerous excursions around Moscow, took part in the Preparing Global Leaders Summit and was able to experience the most astounding summer night life.
Roberto Rocha, Brazil


  1. 1

    On-Campus Housing

    Program participants live in a Residence Hall on RANEPA’s main Moscow campus
  2. 2

    Intensive Language Courses

    Program participants are enrolled in intensive Russian language courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of Russian
  3. 3

    Distinguished Speakers

    Program participats will meet and hear leading experts on contemporary Russia (available on request and not included into the program cost)
  1. 4

    Excursions & Tours

    Program participants will enjoy tours and recreational excursions around Moscow's historic landmarks and attractions (available on request and not included into the program cost)
  2. 5

    Academic Internships

    Program participants with intermediate or advanced level of Russian will have the opportunity to sign-up for an internship
  3. 6

    Forums & Conferences

    Program participants will be eligible to take part in international youth forums taking place in Russia throughout the summer


Students of RISS receive a unique bonus opportunity to participate in the annual Preparing Global Leaders Summit.

The “Preparing Global Leaders Summit” (PGLS) is a premiere international educational program for the best young professionals in the world. The program seeks to prepare aspiring global scholar-leaders with the tools that are necessary for effective leadership in an increasingly complex world. PGLS is a component school of Preparing Global Leaders Foundation (PGLF), an educational non-profit dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars and summits.

Students and young professionals take short courses from internationally recognized faculty and participate in a range of leadership simulations. Specifically, participants will learn how to develop an opposable, interdisciplinary mind with an ability to work with and across ideological, national, religious, class and racial differences. They will learn how to communicate effectively, think both critically and creatively with a particular emphasis on how to advance the global public good.


The cost of the program is $3450
Dorm on campus/double room is $300 per month

Faculty & Staff


- Fill out and submit the contact form below and wait to be contacted by the program coordinator;
- Submit requested documents to the program coordinator and pass a Skype interview;
- Receive, read and sign the program enrollment agreement



To receive additional information and apply, please fill out and submit this contact form:

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  • RANEPA International Admissions Maria Erpek

    Телефон: +7(499)2702984, +7(903)7144826


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