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Students daring to study abroad are unordinary people. They are open to the new and love investigating the world around. That’s why we decided to let them speak in the first person. 
That’s a special project by SPP Online — a student's blog. These texts are personal and subject-focused. The author shares essential ideas, insights, impressions, that the students get while studying international programmes at the School of Public Policy. 
Our blogger is GGL student from Macedonia Kristijan Markov. 
Please, welcome to the blog-stage. 

Episode 2

The first adventure

It was a Tuesday, 12th of September.

The second Tuesday of my residence in Moscow.

Early Morning. Really early. Almost 8 am.
It was cold, cloudy, gloomy and dreary.

I thought to myself — this is going to be a bad day.

On the other hand, it was weather typical for Moscow.

I met my friends in front of the dorm, and we marched on “to conquer” the metro.

I could feel the chill in the air. Luckily it was a short walk from RANEPA to the metro, so I didn’t get to feel “the coldness.”


We passed through the doors, and I bought myself a metro card. "Troika" it’s called. Although the service lady didn’t know any English she was really polite, like she read my thoughts. The wait was really short. Seems metros are no joke. It was short ride considering the rush hour in the morning, that is going on in Moscow. The ride was just enjoyable. Out of nowhere, the Moskva River appeared. It was majestic. Huge river. Pinkish — red clouds on the horizon. The sun was rising up. It was officially becoming day. The rest of the journey was just a snappy nap for me.

"Cтанция Tаганская" — the radio said. Arrived at the destination. Everyone seemed to rush somewhere. People were running, first impression — people in Moscow are busy — a lot.

Instantly, I felt the chill in the air. It was there. Even though the sun was coming up, Moscow “kept it cool.” It was more than 10-minute walk from the metro station to the building where the German class was held. The building, as usual, has security that checks who gets in. Another amazing detail I love about RANEPA.

On the way to the classroom. It was a spacious room with a small group of people. I realized that our class was divided into many groups, so the students get the opportunity to converse more often with the teacher, improving the quality of the education greatly. And the final surprise of the day — the fact that my German class teacher was German. How cool is that?

Fun first class. Learned a lot. I didn’t even feel the time fly by. On the way home the classmates took me to a restaurant. I really enjoyed the soup since, at that point, I was fed up with junk. I needed food. Real food.

It sometimes gets me how the enjoyable experiences in life last much shorter. But I had to deal with it. We set out way to the metro. Zapped our way home. The weather was much better. No more gloom, grayness, and coldness. Just light blue sky.

The chill wind was still there, but it was not that bad — it was enjoyable.

A great day to remember. Truly.

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