Why Spp


1. Expert faculty: We have a unique team of faculty including star lecturers, international academics, consultants, and practitioners.

Members of SPP’s world-class faculty either teach at or have advanced degrees from Harvard, Oxford, Columbia, Sorbonne, and other top universities.

2. Scholarships and financial aid: Each year we offer flexible scholarships of up to 60% for brilliant students.  To apply for the scholarship, please provide a motivation letter, reference letters, and English-language proficiency certificates.

Every year we have full scholarships, provided by the Russian Federation Government. For more information, please contact our Admission Committee at apply.ranepa@yandex.ru

Each application matters and we consider it with particular attention.

3. Great career opportunities: SPP programs are designed to prepare graduates to be future leaders and professionals in the sphere of global public policy, business, economics and the humanities. Besides taking part in academic conferences, sporting events, competitions, and social projects, students also have opportunities to undertake their own social, educational, and cultural projects.

4. Customized education: The School offers a multi-dimensional model for human self-determination. Whereas in the Industrial Age a person would usually make a career choice once in a lifetime, nowadays he/she always faces a challenge of choice. School’s students are taught to orientate themselves in various life situations and to take informed decisions. SPP programs have a strong business focus and aims to provide knowledge in other areas of business as well (strategy, HRM, organizational change, marketing, planning & control, leadership, etc.). We also introduce simulated case studies, through which students learn how to successfully plan, manage, and deliver projects. They will also learn how to implement management processes, develop leadership skills, and respond to real-world scenarios.

5. High academic mobility. Academic mobility, multinational research projects, partnership with foreign universities, visiting professors from foreign countries, enhanced studying of foreign languages – these all are not show-up success criteria but intrinsic processes of expansion of geographical and intellectual boundaries.

6.International community: We currently have more than 100 international students from 35countries, and 66 international professors from 13 countries. Our international students are involved in campus organizations, leadership opportunities, international housing, and community building. International students study in all programs across campus and provide our community with a global perspective that is essential to our learning environment.

7.Modern campus: We have a modern campus that is 20 minutes from the city center by metro. We also have on-campus accommodations for our international students, along with a sports complex, swimming pool, cafes and restaurants, several libraries, student clubs and associations, and printing services.

8. Interdisciplinary approach: Internal boundaries between schools and faculties are not meant to be obstacles; rather, they are membranes facilitating the creation of new research projects and educational programs merging together several subject domains. Such a cross-disciplinary approach gives rise to new knowledge and opens up new horizons. The School’s faculty believes that the language of humanities and social sciences is the key driver in understanding what is happening with us and around us. For this reason, we encourage cross-disciplinary research and projects in leading-edge social and humanitarian specializations emerging at the interfaces of different disciplines and business activities.

9.Support system for international students: Our Center for International Affairs at SPP is aimed at making the study-abroad experience as easy and positive as possible, beginning with the application process and ending with graduation.

We offer full support for foreign students:

  • Pre-arrival support, including all types of consultations on the application process, program content, tuition, accommodation options,  medical insurance, visa requirements, and possible options for academic (non-paid) internships.
  • We also prepare official visa invitations for international students. 
  • Orientation meetings: The international student orientation programs are designed to provide practical support and information, and also to encourage international students to get to know one another. Common elements of international student orientation programs include being picked up from the airport, registration upon arrival, accommodation, tours of the campus and local area, social events and activities, and introductory lectures and talks.
  • Continuing support: Members of the staff are available by email, phone, or in person to help international students resolve any problems that come up. Our dedicated staff and local student volunteers will help you with any problem, be it culture shock or health-related.