International Relations

- Vision & Internationalization Strategy

- International Partnerships
View our key international partnerships on a world map and find out about the scope and ambition of our internationalisation activities.

Partnerships are developed not only where we share a mission, values, goals and ambition, but also as a way to collaborate on teaching and research projects that address the needs and challenges of a global society.

- Exchanges & Study Abroad

MSSES welcomes competent students from our partner universities of all over the world as an exchange student, for one term or one year. With so many courses offered, you will be able to design a study program that meets your interests and needs. You can further your major or minor discipline, or explore a totally different one. Check our page for Exchange opportunities for partner Universities >>

For those not enrolled in one of our partner universities, MSSES offer one term or one year program with a charge per each course. Special Summer Programs with Russian Language courses coupled with a field trips are offered too. Check your options here >>

Students from institutions outside Russia may enroll into our Visiting Student Researcher Program to come to MSSES for a short-term or long-term period of time in order to fulfill research or internship requirements of their home universities. Through this program, the students can gain experience in an international research environment with top-notch professors and research staff. 

Information about our Research centers is available here >>

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